Hearing God

One day I had asked God, “why don’t you speak to me like you do other people?” He said very clearly, “because you are not listening.”
Ouch! I realized that I so often would have things going on in my life that I wouldn’t take the time to just think and pray to God. I would be on Facebook checking to see who liked my pictures. Or watching a show to get rid of the stresses of the day, and I wouldn’t sit there and pray about what had happened in the day or how to do it better or for others I would get so consumed with myself that I would forget to turn to God. 
So how does God speak to me? The times I hear him loudest are when I am thinking and praying about things. So each night I read my SOAP, then I would think and pray about what God was showing me. For me I’m a person that always has to be doing something, I don’t do well sitting in complete silence, so after reading the scripture on my phone I would start playing solitaire. And sure enough it kept my hands busy but my mind open! He would start to speak to me very clearly. After doing that for awhile and getting used to what the voice of God sounded like He would start to speak to me at random times throughout the day.

Have you ever given your advice to someone and then they not listen to it or take it? Does it make you want to give it again? No! Well God’s the same way. The more I would actually do and share what he had been speaking to me about the more he would speak to me. This is something that I have been praying for since I was a little girl. Called into ministry at age 13 I knew I wanted to hear God’s voice, to prophecy and have words of knowledge to help others in their walks of life.
God is good!

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  1. Denise
    October 28, 2015 at 12:27 pm · Reply

    Heyyyy! Welcome to the world of blogging. 🙂 And I enjoyed your first entry. It really struck a chord and reminded me of Luke 6:46 — “Why do you call me “Lord, lord” but do not do what I say?” He has convicted me of the same thing. So often I want to hear Him speak but at the same time, I don’t want to do what He says in order to hear Him speak in the first place…things like being quiet before Him, tuning out all other distractions, really just soaking in His presence and not thinking about the next item on my To Do list.

    Anyway, great post! 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more. xoxo

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