Whining to God

The other day my 3 1/2 year old son was running around saying, “I can’t find my shirt, where’s my shirt mom?” Now if your a mom I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again. I tell him while I’m changing the baby, “I don’t know? I didn’t wear it. Or move it. Or see it.”
That answer didn’t really get him what he wanted so he proceeded to whine and complain about “where is my shirt?” Then I helped walk him through his last motions of what he did with it. Soon he was able to find it. 
The next thing I know God speaks to me and says, “that’s what you do to me.” 
Ouch! You mean I run to you without looking and saying I need something or why can’t you help me? And throw a tantrum without first doing what you have asked me to do? Ouch! But of course you are right. There are times in my life that I don’t listen to what you say, and then run to you whining about why you haven’t fulfilled your promise!
God’s put this burden in my heart to help people. What that looks like has changed over the years depending on the different stages of life I’ve been in. In recent years it has been to start blogging. And then come all the reasons why I shouldn’t. I’ve been arguing with God on this for two years and I’m finally coming to a place that I’m not satisfied with where I am, and God’s saying just do what you where told and you will find the time, the energy, the resources. 
Take that step of faith!

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